Haiku – Fairy Dust


Boisterous laughter

Mother’s love is magical

In a young child’s eyes

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Haiku – To Sleep, Perchance to Purr

Your purring rhythm

Putting me to gentle sleep

After a long day

I wrote this last night – tired and ready for bed.  It is tough being a stay at home dad, taking care of my son, trying to write, keep up the house, stay in shape, blog, etc.  I even have, not one, but two, grandmothers close by who help me out a few times a week and I still get worn out.  Staying home is one of the toughest jobs I have ever had, but you know what, I love it.  This is the best job in the world – even on the toughest of days.  My hats off to anyone who has done this job or who is currently doing this job.  So rewarding.

By the way, more of a cat man than a dog man.  Just me.  They put me at ease.  How about you? Cat or dog person. Just leave me your answer and a why attached to it.

Question: What are your feeding schedules for your child?

Our little one is between 4 and 5 months of age.  He is now moving up to solids with squash, carrots, and green beans already being a hit.  We do give him some oatmeal and rice cereal, which is also pretty popular, but he does love his vegetables.  We plan to introduce fruit a little later on, once he gets a little more used to his vegetables and fortified cereals. I know sweet potatoes are like candy to babies so we plan to introduce it really late.

This is where I am having a problem.  How do you introduce solids so he can still get his normal amount of formula?  Do you feed him his formula first and then wait an hour to do solids?  Do you do a little less formula and then try to add more solids?  I know formula is still his man staple of food and that solids are more of an introduction right now, but how do you get him to eat his solids.  My son seems to do better later on in the day, but he should be able to do some Oatmeal in the morning.

Anyone out there have any advice?  How did you handle this situation?  What are your current schedules if you have a child this age?  First time parent just needing some help.