Haiku – 10/27/2021

Glistening green grass

Waving in the soft cool breeze

An autumn morning


I just dropped a Halloween episode on my Podcast: Song Lines and Tan Lines.

Haiku – 8/18/2021

An overcast day

Moisture fills the clouds above

Ready and waiting


It’s been a bit since I posted. Not sure why. Sometimes I sit down and write a Haiku and realize I have written one similar before and just decide not to post for that reason. I think that’s why I enjoy my Podcast so much – Song Lines and Tan Lines. It’s something new, something different, and I think I have put more of my time into it for that reason. I haven’t abandoned this blog and I still plan to keep posting to it, but posting will be inconsistent. I might go on a good run and post for a week straight, might then take two weeks off, kind of going to be the way I do things from now on. And it’s not just posting to this blog that is getting inconsistent. I realized this morning I haven’t checked my blog email address in over two weeks. That’s why, some of the blogs I follow have a bunch of likes on them this morning. No real point to all this, just felt like writing and letting you, my faithful followers, know why I haven’t posted as much as of late. Thanks for sticking with me. Have a good morning, afternoon, or night – depending on when you are reading this.

Haiku – 8/9/2021

Calming ocean waves

Your beauty and peacefulness

Lull me to slumber

Sometimes I am glad I take a few extra videos and pictures. I had this one sitting on my phone and I don’t think I posted it before. I took this video when I went down to the beach earlier this year, 2021. How I wish I could just jump into this video and be there right now. Love the ocean, love the beach, anything associated with it.