Haiku – 6/3/2020

Ship in the harbor

Resting on soft gentle waves

Lighthouse flashing bright


This picture came across my Nest Hub Device this morning and it stopped me for a moment. As I stared at it this Haiku started to form. Inspiration comes at the most unusual of times. And if you ever thought about a smart device you should start with the Nest Hub. Of all the Devices I have owned (and I have tried many from Google and Amazon) this is currently my favorite. That’s it. You are now free to move around the blog.

An August morning: artsandculture.google.com

Nest Hub: store.google.com

Haiku – 7/16/2019

A much needed rest

Time away with family

Resting on a beach


I guess you guys noticed I’ve been away for a bit. And if you didn’t, well I guess that is okay too. If you did, then I am here to tell you that I hope to get back to regular posts as of this week. Spent some much needed time by the water last week and I just took a break from everything. It was a pretty good trip overall. Always enjoying anytime that I can spend on the beach. I wish I lived closer. Anyway, that’s it. Hope you have a great week.

Haiku – Tropical Holiday 2

This is another one of mine that kind of got lost in the shuffle earlier this month. I liked the sound of it so I thought I would give it another shot at stardom this Christmas season.


Boat on the ocean

Silver bells tied to the mast

Jingling with the waves


Haiku – 3 Looks at Ocean

A warm silent night

Ocean breeze stirs the stockings

Hung with gentle care


Boat on the ocean

Silver bells tied to the mast

Jingling with the waves


Salty ocean breeze

Santa sipping cold eggnog

Trying to relax


For more prompts like “ocean” go here: Haiku Horizons


Haiku – 3 Looks at Shell

A white sandy beach

Young child racing through the grains

Spies a tiny shell


Multi-colored shell

Resting in a tidal pool

Waiting to be claimed


Shells upon the beach

One by one they are picked up

Lasting memories


For more prompts like “shell” go here: Haiku Horizons


And because I’ve been singing this one all morning.

Thought I would share.

Sidlak: Talking Tropics

Thank you for the inspiration Quirky Shine: quirkyshine.wordpress.com

*Sidlak poetry (sid/lak) is a structured poetry consisting of 5 lines with 3-5-7-9 syllables AND A COLOR. The last line must be a COLOR that describes the whole poem or the feelings of the writer.

Ocean side

Sitting with my toes

Firmly planted in the sand

Underneath a loud flapping palm tree


That’s my first attempt at Sidlak Poetry. I would love to hear some thoughts on it and I would love to see what you can do. Post your Sidlak poem either in the comments section or your own blog. Swing back over and leave me your link so I can check it out.

Great version of this Buffett classic.