Haiku – Summertime

Warm moist summer night

Floating yellow lights flicker

Grill smoke still lingers

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Poem – Spring Rising 4


A warm April sun

Greets my eyes today

As the cold of night lingers

The rays push it away


I turn my face towards the sun

As it rises in the sky, bright blue

The sun casts its loving glow

Wipes away the dew


Fragrances fill my nose

In the living smell of Spring

The world is alive

As the birds return and sing

Spring Rising 1

The first day of March

Spring’s growth starting to blossom

Life wakes from slumber

Spring Rising 2

I hear birds chirping

Spring sounds push through the night’s dark

Warm days on the way

Spring Rising 3

Daylight Savings Time

Yes, Spring has sprung all over

Longer nights ahead