Halt and Stop!

I wanted to let you guys know that this blog is going on a long hiatus. I don’t know if I will return to this blog or not in the future. I still do enjoy poetry, still enjoy writing it, but not enough to fill a blog each and every week. So, I have decided to start doing a Poetry Monday section on this blog: Yep, I Created That. It will keep me doing some poetry, but it won’t have to be so much that I have to keep a blog alive doing it. This blog will remain open for business so you can always peruse my old stuff. And you can also check out my Patreon page. I will have poetry posting on there as well. Some of it will be new, some of it will be taken from the bowels (the deep dark bowels) of this blog. That’s it. Thanks for reading and thanks for following me. Check me out at the two locations below if you want to keep reading my work.

Yep, I Created That: yepicreatedthat.wordpress.com

Patreon:  www.patreon.com/zombiebeach