Haiku – Seasonal

Bright lights dance and flash

Homes decorated with cheer

Red, Blue, Green, and White


It is crazy this time of year and kind of wonderful as well how far people go with decorations on the outside of their homes. Most of it looks pretty great, but there are a few that just boggle the mind. Not sure I would want to take the time to do it that big, but that’s just me. 

How about you? Go big or go small when it comes to decorating your home for Christmas.

We always keep it kind of simple.


I’m still plugging away on my Zombie Holiday stories. Might as well saturate them as much as I can while the season is hot.

Anyway, in case you didn’t know it by now, you can get my Zombie Christmas short story in EBook and Paperback by clicking the links below or going to the Holiday Horror Stories tab above.

Thanks for reading and following – happy Zombie Christmas to you!

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Haiku – The “Lunch-Time” Run

Cool September day

Running with the clouds above

A sun protector


Nice to be able to run at this time of the day. It has been a while since I have been able to do it. Nice to see not only Fall, but October sneaking in around here. It really makes running a lot easier when the temperatures are lower. 

Haiku – The “Grey Sky” Run

The night reaching out

Feet slip slapping as I move

Daylight starts to dim

Deceiving night tonight.  Felt cool inside the house with the windows open, so I thought thin long sleeve, shorts, vest, good to go – wrong!  I had to stop about 2 miles in, shed the shirt, and put on the vest.  Just got so hot, felt like I was roasting inside my clothes.  Hard weather to dress for this time of year.  Still managed a good run though.  Happy about that.

Poem – Morning Routine 3

Morning light

Cascades across my face

Shades of blue, line the horizon

Night is breaking

I stir


Lift my weary head

Baby wakes

Time to start the stay at home day

The other two can be found here: http://wp.me/p2kmxm-Mq

Poem – Morning Routine 2

The monitor speaks

Static sounds wake me from dreams

My son is stirring

Wee hours or so it seems

I shuffle, zombie like

Sleep escaping, like a blast

Nursery door creaks open

Night, fading fast

I move to the crib

Peer over its edge

I watch his movement

Just beyond the ledge

His eyes scan mine

We bridge a gap, father to son

He smiles up at me

The morning has begun

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