Haiku – 11/12/2018

Yellow-orange leaves

Scattered among the green leaves

A sign of Autumn


Fear Filled Fridays (11/8/2018): 5 Deadly Senses


Her common sense fails

She opens the old front door

Slips inside the house


Mouth filled with dryness

Her throat turns to sandpaper

Saliva like dirt


She feels the floor squish

Hands trace the soft rotten wall

Brush aside cobwebs


Her nose sniffs and snorts

Filled with the dusty cold air

Rot, mold, and decay


Behind her – footsteps

Creaking across the old floor

Swish of an ax blade

A Bunch of Random Haiku

I thought about moving my Haiku Horizons challenges over to my other blog, Yep, I created that. I did that for a bit, but decided I wanted to start doing the challenges on this blog again. So, what you see below (and if you read them all thank you) is what I wrote for that blog. Enjoy and let me know if you have a favorite one.


Candy Colored Sky

In the sharp blue sky

Warm, yellow butterscotch sun

Brightens up the day

Hidden Behind a Mask

A strong Broadway cast

Phantom of the Opera

Playing sold out shows

Warm at Night

Skillful hands moving

Using thread to make a quilt

Filled with memories

Knife’s Gleam

The killer watching

– waiting for his final chance

Eyes steady and calm

A Forever Kiss

Chance meeting at night

A glint and flash of the blade

Killer striking flesh

Don’t Let it Die

Don’t throw away dreams

They may or may not come true

You still have to try

New Feathers

Tiny birds growing

In a nest of brown branches

Mother keeps them safe


Hail to the grand king

Sitting on his mighty throne

Crown upon his head


In the dark corner

Something moving, making noise

Bright red eyes staring