Humpday Promotions: The Lot on Route 6

This is an exclusive early look at my next self-published release. This will also be the last thing I release for a long time. I have a novel ready to publish, but I am planning to try to find an agent for that one. I am also going to work on another book of Poetry, but I going to try and find a publisher for that one as well. Self-publishing isn’t where I want to be so I need to get back to chasing my dreams of being a traditionally published author. Fingers crossed.

Now, onto the excerpt and how you (as a reader of this blog) can get this short story before it is published. This is real simple and it is free – here it is. Leave me a review when it publishes. That is all you have to do and it has to be an honest review. If it sucks so be it. I hope it doesn’t but all I want is honesty.

Send an email to this address:

In the email header put this: I want in.

And let me know what you read your books on. Is it Kindle or something else? Kindle has their own file so I have to format it for that particular device. Thanks again for all the support. You are now free to move around the blog.


EXP: He kicked off his shoes, took off the coat that had protected him from the late October chill, and made his way into the kitchen. He walked over to the counter, humming along to Jingle Bells, and began to make a single man’s dinner – ham and cheese sandwich, light mustard, white bread and chips, and a cold beer to wash it all down. He laid all of the items on the counter and was in the middle of figuring out how to get them to the table when the room changed. It was suddenly colder, filled with an evil chill. The air was crawling with black molecules, they were crawling over everything, squirming, writhing about in an orgy of dark lust. He tried to shrug it off as just Halloween jitters, picked up his plate and beer, and turned to take his dinner to the table. He nearly dropped everything when he saw what was sitting at the table, looking up at him. The thing at the table was dressed all in black with a hood covering its face. Underneath the hood were two eyes, one glowing red, and the other glowing green.

“You will feed my trees,” the thing replied in a deep husky male voice. “And you will meet me at this spot in one hour or you will die, and then so will your town.” It slid a piece of red paper across the table. Its hand was ashy and grey, with sharp talons on the ends of the fingers . . .