Haiku – Last Night’s Run – (6/19/2013)

Aerosmith – good tunes

Three and a half solid miles

Lightning bugs flashing

(this song really got me moving last night)


Some more good reasons to drink coffee, helps with running as well.

Caffeine (in coffee or otherwise) improves performance… Hundreds of studies have shown that consuming caffeine before a physical challenge likely helps subjects go farther and faster than when they go without it. This effect holds true in studies of both endurance athletes and sprinters.

via 8 Things Runners Should Know About Coffee | Runner’s World


Haiku – Today’s Run – (6/11/2013)

Rock in my left shoe

Thumping pain in my right toe

5 Miles – walk and run

This was a very up and down run tonight.  It was easy and hard, kind of a strange one, but I made it out the door – didn’t think I would.  Running, just got to love it.  Such an odd way to stay in shape.

Anybody want to spill about their runs, the good ones or bad ones, just let it flow below.  

Zeppelin really pushed me on tonight.  Got to give them some love.  

I never get tired of this song.

Haiku – Today’s Run – (5/28/2013)

Night-time closing in

As day light takes one last breath

3 miles in the heat

I have been listening to Metallica’s Black Album the last couple of times I ran and it has surprised me with how effective it has been.  The beats and rhythms on that CD really help to push the legs on.  If you run, and like Metallica, you should try it sometime.

I always liked this song by them and hate all you want, it is still a great song, not to get you pumped for running, but a great song none the less.

Haiku – Today’s Run – (4/25/2013)

I don’t have a runners body, but I have a runners heart – and that is all you need.   Army Sergeant Jennifer Morris, Runners World Challenger.

Waterfall of pain

Greeted my body today

2 miles – very tough

Inspired by the theme at

Haiku – Today’s Run – (2/12/2013)

Motley colored fool

Running until my guts hurt

3 very tough miles




Running mojo for the day:

Your body will argue that there is no justifiable reason to continue. Your only recourse is to call on your spirit, which fortunately functions independently of logic.

Tim Noakes, author of The Lore of Running

Find more at this location: http://www.runnersworld.com/

Haiku – Today’s Run – (1/7/2012)

The distance, easy

5 miles without stopping once,

on a cool grey day

Inspirational quote from Kara Goucher:

Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead. 

Find more at this link: http://www.runnersworld.com/

Haiku – Today’s Run (11/06/2012)

Cold November day

Two and a half miles with ease

Fall leaves underfoot


Leaves crackle and pop

Fighting off a strong stiff breeze

Dressed in winter clothes

It just feels good to get back out there.

I had to write something about it.

Haiku – Today’s Run (11/03/2012)

Cool fall afternoon

2 miles, dusting off the rust

My legs need some work

I managed to lace up the shoes today and get out the door for some fresh air and a solid run.  It wasn’t very long, but my legs really aren’t in the shape I need them to be in right now.

Anybody running and enjoying this cool weather?  Anybody walking and enjoying this cool weather?  Anybody just enjoying this cool weather? Leave me your answer in the comment section below.