Haiku – A Walk/Run on 6/20/2017

Twilight descending

Sun takes one more look at day

Shuts its fiery eyes


I’d like to dedicate this song to those like me getting back into exercising or those who have been doing it for a very long time. This song is for you. So, are you trying to get back out there or are you a seasoned veteran? Just curious. Have a good night.


Haiku – Running with the Sun

The familiar smells

Sights, sounds, and Mother Nature

Back at it again


Finally starting to get back out for my walk/run. Today was a decent enough day walk/run wise. Legs felt heavy, but I was able to run just a bit more than the last time I went out. Next time hopefully will be a bit better. Trying to get back in shape to run another 5K. So, have you ever run a 5K? Click my running link to see some of my race finishes (if you are interested in them).

Haiku – The “Musty, Dusty, Rusty” Run

Running shoes laced up

Legs, back, arms, and feet say ouch

What are you doing?????


I actually got back out there tonight. It felt (and I can’t say this enough) so good. I only did about 3 or 4 minutes of running out of 30 minutes, but at least I did something. I am happy about that.

Anybody else trying to get back into exercising? Feel free to vent below.

Haiku – The “Feet Stomping through Sunshine” Run

Wispy white thin clouds

Drift in an endless blue sky

Winter on a small break


With all my errands this morning, I am surprised that I managed to get this walk/run (more walking than running right now) in today. I had to go though, because an arctic blast is headed our way, and I couldn’t pass up this day. Going to be cold for a few days after this. Overnight lows in the lower teens, day time highs in the twenties and thirties – cold. Not as bad as some though. All of those trapped by winter I am wishing you a lot of warm thoughts.


As a sidebar, unrelated to running – I read this great article this morning and I wanted to share it with you guys. I found it fascinating. You might too.

Here it is: 

Scott Kelly has found an unusual way to maintain a youthful advantage over his twin brother Mark. Next month, he will blast off on a year-long mission on board the International Space Station, a journey that will have one unintended consequence. During his 12 months in space, Scott will age less than his earthbound brother – thanks to the tenets of Einstein’s theories of relativity.

“The effect is known as the twin paradox, though it is not actually a paradox, it is a straightforward consequence of the laws of relativity,” says Mark, who has also flown on several space missions including two as a space shuttle commander. “Essentially, time will pass slightly more slowly for Scott than for me because he will be travelling at a greater speed relative to me.”

via Nasa twins to embark on year-long space experiment | Science | The Guardian

Haiku – The “Old Man Winter Returns” Run

Back to the cold gear

Long sleeves, gloves, warm hat, thick shorts

It’s that time again


I can’t believe how cold it was running this morning – even with the sun up. I guess the cooler days are now upon us. I won’t miss the extreme heat, but I hope this is only a brief cool down. I already miss the warm days. Good walk/run today, and it is weird that I am starting to enjoy the walk breaks almost as much as the running. Guess I’m just getting old.

Haiku – The “Too Hot” Run

Warm October Day

Crunching on the late fall leaves

Halloween is close


I was listening to music while I ran today, and King Diamond kept coming on. I thought I would post a song from them to set the Halloween mood. Listen, and enjoy – with the lights on of course.

Haiku – The “Leaves are Falling” Run

Windy autumn breeze

Showers of nature’s color

Raining down on me


It is nice to be able to get out and run during the day now – helps to make the evening a lot easier to plan. Hard to run after a big dinner. It is also nice to have less humid days. Not wanting Winter here too soon, but I am enjoying the fact that Fall has arrived. 

By the way, since this is a running post, it was a good walk/run today: 3 miles, 1.5 walk, 1.5 run.

So, have you started raking leaves? We started over the weekend. Already piling up.

Haiku – The “Lunch-Time” Run

Cool September day

Running with the clouds above

A sun protector


Nice to be able to run at this time of the day. It has been a while since I have been able to do it. Nice to see not only Fall, but October sneaking in around here. It really makes running a lot easier when the temperatures are lower. 

Haiku – The “Alone in the Dark” Run

Cool of the night-time

Sliver of moon winking down

Shadows dark and thick


Here are a couple of songs that fit perfectly with this run (though I didn’t listen to either one last night, nope, listened to Van Halen instead – something about them that is good to run to).  

In case you were wondering why I didn’t post this last night.  The reason was that I had posted a lot to this blog on Friday, so I thought I would give you guys a break.  I don’t like to bombard with posts.  I apologize if I ever do. There’s just a lot going on right now for me, as I try to get the word out.

A couple of reminders before I go:  My collection of 6 Horror Short Stories is still running free today.  Grab a copy if you haven’t gotten one already.  Also, don’t forget about my Goodreads Giveaway.  That’s all.  Take care, and have a great Saturday.


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Haiku – The “Into the Night” Run

Dinner smells wafting

In the late September heat

Last gasp for summer


What’s up with this heat business right now?  I thought almost 90 was a by-gone Summer thing.  Here it is Mid-September and it feels like Summer.  Fall starts Tuesday though, we will see how it goes after that.  Good run tonight overall, and Thursday – the one I didn’t post about.  I can’t wait for cooler days.  How about you?  Will you miss the Summer or can you not wait for Fall?

Haiku – The “Out with the Crickets” Run

Sunlight dropping quick

Daytime and nighttime converge

Sky explodes in red


Really starting to feel like fall and look like fall as well – getting dark a lot earlier these days.  Tonight, I was heading back through the park and crickets were jumping out of my way.  That’s where the title came from in case you were wondering.  Okay, who’s ready for fall?  I know I am.  

Haiku – The “Feeling Like A Kid Again” Run

Splashing through showers

Cloud burst high up above me

Rain and sweat mingle


There is nothing more fun than running in the rain.  About the only draw back I have to it, is that my clothes get heavy so I end up carrying extra weight.  I was also watching for lightning and listening for thunder, but lucky for me I didn’t see or hear any.  Good one tonight.  How about you?  Do you love running in the rain or walking in it or just being out in it (when there’s no major thunderstorm that is)?  

Haiku – The “After Hours” Run

Sunlight fading out

Takes a long and worthy bow

Night’s curtain descends


I honestly only got out to do my walk/run tonight for one reason – I wanted to listen to Van Halen.  I have plenty of chances to listen to them throughout the day since I stay home with son, but it isn’t the same as when you listen to it on a run.  When your legs are pumping, and the music is in your ears you feel like you are on your own personal island.  It’s just you, the run, the music, and the world at large.  It really helps to clear the head.

The song above has been running through my brain all day.  I didn’t much like it when I was younger, when it was popular, but I enjoy it a lot more as an adult.

This song above has always been one of my favorites by them.  Guess I tend to lean more to the Sammy years because I grew up listening to them with him when I was a teenager.  Okay, that’s it.  Sorry for the long post.  Just felt like writing a bit tonight after a half-way decent walk/run.

How about you?  Van Halen fan or not?  Sammy or Dave, which one?

Haiku – The “Painted Sky” Run

Pink sky, blueish clouds

Daylight fades into the night

Picturesque sunset


It was hard to get out the door tonight.  I almost didn’t run, but I made myself get out and go.  I am glad I did.  I managed to get some good miles in.

This song came on my MP3 tonight and I thought it would be a good one to dedicate to all runners out there battling the summer heat.

Stab! Bawl! Punch! Crawl!

Hooks to my brain are well in

Stab! Bawl! Punch! Crawl!

I know what I am, I’m Berlin

via Dissident Aggressor Lyrics – Judas Priest

Haiku – The “Fade to Black” Run

Shadows growing thick

Summer’s light fades into fall

Early dusk tonight


Noticing the evening runs when they go long are starting to get dark by the end of them.  It really is the middle of August.  Fall really isn’t too far away.

On a completely different subject.  I stumbled onto this file on my memory stick.  It was at one time a CD called “Monster Ballads Platinum Edition Disc 2.”  I’m not sure where Disc 1 is or if I even had it.  Anyway, I popped that onto my MP3 Player and it has been in constant rotation on my last couple of runs – yes, I am very, very old.

Here’s the lineup:

1. Every Rose Has It’s Thorn | Poison

2. Don’t Know What You Got Til It’s Gone | Cinderella

3. Fly To The Angels | Slaughter

4. Silent Lucidity | Queensryche

5. Love Song | Tesla

6. Is This Love | Whitesnake

7. Forever | Kiss

8. I’ll Never Let You Go | Steelheart

9. Only Time Will Tell | Nelson

10. Winds of Change | Scorpions

11. Angel Song | Great White

12. I’ll See You In My Dreams | Giant

13. More Than Words | Extreme

14. When I’m With You | Sheriff

15. Ballad Of Jayne | L.A. Guns

16. Honestly | Stryper


This song for some reason is the one I keep going back to.  Don’t ask me why, because I’m not sure I enjoyed it all that much when it was popular.