Haiku – 6/9/2020

File:Jan Porcellis - Ships in a Storm on a Rocky Coast - Google Art Project.jpg

A tall ship at sea

Tossed about on the ocean

Weathering the storm


Thanks: commons.wikimedia.org


Haiku – Sailboat

Ocean going ship

Sails billowing, fat and full

Gliding on the blue


I woke up after the 3 a.m. feed this morning with a Jimmy Buffett song playing on my headphone (yes, I said head phone. I lost the ear bud cover to the other piece, so I lopped off that one and just kept the one. Helps when feeding the baby or listening out for her cries). Anyway, a Buffett song was on and it got me thinking about the beach. Then that got me thinking about this Haiku.

Haiku – Buffett Dreaming

This Haiku was inspired by this post: Sherry Fundin.

Check out her site for awesome book reviews and occasional side bars.

She has been a big supporter of mine. Thanks Sherry for all you’ve done for me.

Here’s the Haiku:

A boat on the water

Sails full, filled with warm salt air

Sea breeze in my face


Haiku – Red Sky Morning

Red skies start the day

Somewhere a sailor worries,

as the sails billow

A couple of my favorite songs involving the water and the world around it.  Yes, I’m a metal head, but I do enjoy mellow music as well.  John Denver goes all the way back to my childhood – listening to it with my dad.  R.I.P. John Denver, gone, but not forgotten.