Fear Filled Fridays (1/26/2018): The Lamp





The lamp – the object,

is cursed.

We’ve seen it turn on.

Hidden in the attic.

Sitting all alone.

No current, no electricity.

Does the spirit linger?

In objects,

once the body passes on.

Forever – eternal.

Never truly gone.

Do objects have a special place?

Some residual energy.

Do objects hold the key?

To all the spirits you hear and see.


Haiku – 3 Looks at Tree

Inside the oak tree

A loud and noisy blue jay

Calls out to the day


Underneath the tree

Sitting in its cool dark shade

A break from the sun


Hiding in the tree

Hoping that he is secure

Sheltered from the beast


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Haiku – Moonlight Dance

The woods were silent

She chose to run into them

Killer on her heels


For more prompts like “run” go here: Haiku Horizons

I always thought this would be a great song for a chase scene in a movie where the monster of that story is after someone. I can see the chase starting as the music begins and then as the music builds the chase intensifies.

Haiku – The “Too Hot” Run

Warm October Day

Crunching on the late fall leaves

Halloween is close


I was listening to music while I ran today, and King Diamond kept coming on. I thought I would post a song from them to set the Halloween mood. Listen, and enjoy – with the lights on of course.

Haiku – Disembodied

In an empty house

Booming dark voice calls to me

An echoing sound


My 2-year-old son inspired this one. For some reason echos shake him up. He will come out of a room and say something like “echo hear,” and of course the writer in me sparks up. How can I turn this into something scary? This Haiku came to mind. Happy early Halloween!

One of my favorite scary movies! I thought I would post another scene from “The Changeling.”


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3 Short

Halloween Haiku

I don’t know where some of these Haiku got off to. I had them posted on this site, but for some reason they are not here anymore. So, I thought I would re-post them for my new audience. I hope you enjoy these scary Haiku based on some of my favorite horror movies.


A Nightmare on Elm Street

Dying in your dreams

Freddy Krueger kills at ease

Do not fall asleep

The Evil Dead


Book of the dead, bound in flesh

Demon in the woods


I want your Halloween Haiku!

Haiku: Spooky

2 ghosts traveling

Time to find a place to haunt

October is here


I wrote this Haiku last year around this time, and I thought I would share it with my new audience this year.

I would now like to open up this blog to you. Write a Haiku that screams Halloween, and drop the link into the box below.

As a sidebar note: This is my first attempt at doing this, so please let me know if you have any issues. 

A special thanks to haikuhorizons.wordpress.com for inspiring me to try this.

Haiku – 68 Degrees

First signs of winter

House permeated with cool

Morning reeks of cold


In case you were wondering about the title. That is the current reading on my thermostat in the house. To heat or not to heat is now the questions? Not sure I can go there just yet.

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