Haiku – 1/3/2022

Thick, heavy snowflakes

Falling from a dark grey sky

Tumbling fast and light


Not sure why I haven’t posted more as of late – guess you kind of reach a plateau and aren’t sure where to go when you are on it. Kind of feel that way about this blog. But this morning, inspiration hit, and it was in the form of a heavy snow fall. This might be the craziest weather day I have seen in my 49 years – started the morning with severe thunderstorm warnings and now, close to noon, snow is falling, of course, it isn’t sticking, but still to see snow after what we had this morning – crazy, crazy stuff. Anyway, hope you guys had a great holiday season. I can’t believe it is now in the past – time goes so fast.


Haiku – 1/28/2021

Trees covered in snow

A brief dusting overnight

Children filled with glee


Finally got some snow last night. Not much compared to what others get throughout the northern areas of the U.S., but for my kids it was more than enough to build a snow man and to to get me outside before I started my morning coffee, which I took with me, no way I am leaving it behind. But there is something kind of poetic about standing in the cold, drinking coffee, looking at a snowy landscape. I don’t think we got more than an inch, and it is a wet inch of snow, but in N.C. we will take it. Doesn’t snow much around here and I am fine with that. It makes days like today even more special. Quick question: are you a snow lover or not? Cheers.

Haiku – 3 Looks at Ice

Soft winter snowfall

Ice crystals of all sizes

Falling from the sky


Sitting in the sand

Mixed drink filled up with crushed ice

Pure relaxation


Kneeling on one knee

Diamond the color of ice

Hoping for a yes


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Haiku – Fresh Powder

Snowy frozen land

Blanket of white on the ground

Winter’s bitter cold

We finally got a decent amount of snow down here, which is the only part of winter I like.  We’ve had our chances, but it always seems to miss us.  I know people up North are probably sick of it by now, but if it has to be this cold, why not let it snow?  Anybody agree with that statement?