Haiku – 1/27/2021

Winter thunderstorm

Lighting up the nighttime sky

Shaking the windows


I meant to write this one yesterday but I haven’t had a lot of writing energy this week, the month of January actually. Not even working on my podcast all that much – glad I have plenty of episodes in the can, enough to get me through March. Not sure the reason for the slump. I honestly don’t like January and February very much. Most days are cool or cold or grey and it isn’t very inspiring for my writing mood. I guess that might be the reason for the blips in my Haiku writing this month. Could also be this pandemic and as it drags on I keep feeling more and more off – tough being a stay-at-home-dad in times like these. I have been getting back into movies once again – that’s a positive. Missed watching movies. If you guys have ever been on this site: letterboxd.com you can find me at AWR72. I won a subscription to that site for a year because I shared this great podcast on social media – 70mm is the name of the podcast and if you like movies it is the podcast for you.

Anyway, let me shuttle on off of here for now. The haiku above was inspired by a storm that woke me up a couple of nights ago. Was laying in bed and this flash of light lit up the room. Then I heard a boom of thunder and it was loud. So shocked to see a storm in the middle of winter and I think, according to my smart clock by my bed, it was 42 degrees at the time. I didn’t know it could storm when it is that cold. Guess it can and if you believe the old legion – hear thunder in winter, snow in 10 days – then we might just be seeing some flakes of snow sometime soon. Thanks again for reading this far. This is me signing out. Cheers.


Haiku – 9/7/2019

Dark storm clouds have cleared

Ushering in bright blue skies

Hot and sunny days


I made a vow to myself to try and post every single day until the end of the year once September started. Guess I am going to miss that goal. Oops. I didn’t see a cold hitting me hard or a hurricane knocking on the door. We are inland enough not to feel or see Dorian’s wrath, but we were close enough to have school closed for two days. That along with the cold caused me to stop posting. Hope I am going to get back to it today with this Haiku. Have a great weekend.

Haiku – H. M.

A furious storm

Wind whipped into a frenzy

Rain soaking the ground


I don’t know how you guys fared during Hurricane Matthew (those effected by it who read this blog), but we got a lot of wind and rain in Raleigh. Nothing like the coastal areas, but still it was scary at times watching the wind bend the trees and the water wash out the roads. Glad it is now passing.