Haiku – 8/9/2021

Calming ocean waves

Your beauty and peacefulness

Lull me to slumber

Sometimes I am glad I take a few extra videos and pictures. I had this one sitting on my phone and I don’t think I posted it before. I took this video when I went down to the beach earlier this year, 2021. How I wish I could just jump into this video and be there right now. Love the ocean, love the beach, anything associated with it.


Haiku – Last Night’s Run – (6/16/2014)

Hot, steamy, muggy

Pavement melting  running shoes

Skin burning like fire


Rough night to run with the heat and all.  Not sure I am ready for it this year.  Guess I better get use to it though.  It is going to be in the upper nineties the rest of the week.  Anybody else ready for the heat of summer, runner or not?

Haiku – Full Steam Ahead

Jimmy Buffett Days

Warm sun on the horizon

Summer on the way

Time change, longer days, warmer days, so much heading our way.  Can’t wait till this winter ends.  Who’s with me?  Done with winter or do you need just a little bit more?

Haiku – Rescue

Please turn on the heat

I need a break from the cold

Summer rescue me

I know we don’t have it as bad down here in North Carolina as some others, but this deep freeze is tough on us.  We got hit with a combo yesterday, snow, sleet, and freezing rain.  The world looks like the top of a glazed doughnut outside – mmmm doughnuts – and it may not thaw much until tomorrow.   So how do you deal with the cold?  What gets you through it?

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