Haiku – 8/19/2021

Dark clouds slowly part

Revealing the warm sunshine

Bright and shining rays


Always nice to see the sun after a few days of grey skies. Sure, the sun will bring back the heat, but it is still nice to see. Drop a like if you love sunshine and thanks for stopping by.

Haiku – 3 Looks at Tree

Inside the oak tree

A loud and noisy blue jay

Calls out to the day


Underneath the tree

Sitting in its cool dark shade

A break from the sun


Hiding in the tree

Hoping that he is secure

Sheltered from the beast


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Haiku – The “Bout Time Sunshine” Run

A nice warm spring day

Gentle breeze drying my skin

No cold – joints happy

I hit the treadmill on Thursday so I could save my legs for this day.  Always do more distance when I’m outside, and especially on days like today.  Nice to just go and go.  Hope you are having a good Saturday.