Haiku – The Flash

A streak of lightning

Gone before you can see him

Protector of good


I’ve been given it some thought, and I think I’ve come up with my three favorite Superheroes.

Number 1: Batman

I guard the darkness

While the city sleeps below

Safely in slumber


Number 2: Spiderman

Up the wall he crawls

Moving with a spider’s ease

Slinging sticky webs


Number 3: The Flash

The CW has gotten me hooked on this character. I started Binge-Watching it this week, and I’m almost done with Season 1. To put that in perspective. I stay home with my two kids. I have about an hour each day and a few hours at night to watch this show. I managed to squeeze in 5 episodes yesterday. I couldn’t stop watching it and the only reason why I’m not watching it now is because my kids are about to get up. I honestly haven’t been hooked on a Superhero this fast or this quick since Batman. Amazing show. Don’t spoil it for me if you’ve seen it. I’m barely through Season 1, about at Episode 17. So, do you have a top three, five, eight, ten, etc. or do you have just one Superhero you champion?