Haiku – Above

Night sky full of stars

Billions of tiny white lights

Twinkle far away


Astronomers estimate that the observable universe has more than 100 billion galaxies. Our own Milky Way is home to around 300 billion stars, but it’s not representative of galaxies in general. Source: How many stars are there in the universe? – Sky & Telescope




Haiku – The “Time Bomb” Run

Hot as an oven

Turned up to extreme high heat

Summer here again


After a few days of no humidity and cooler temperatures, well, old man summer decided to come roaring back.  Luckily, I had the shade of clouds in my favor today, but it was still muggy and grueling to walk/run.  I was listening to Tesla again.  I know, who?  That Eighties band.  The same one – still digging on them to this day, anyway, the song below pushed me on when I needed it at the end.  Going to dedicate this run to it.  Hope everyone stays cool.

Haiku – The “Simplicity” Run

A hot night out there

Jamming hard to new Tesla

2 miles – not easy

Got the new Tesla CD a few days ago.


I have to say, the boys still have it.  Sounding great as usual.  3rd time listening to it tonight.  Just doesn’t get old.  If you haven’t gotten it see the link below.  They just don’t put out bad music.  Oh, solid run by the way, tough, but worth it.

From the opening Track MP3 to the explosive Time Bomb the music takes the listener on a journey with songs about the up and downs of life. The lighthearted Cross My Heart tells the story of a musician on the road proclaiming one’s commitment to love, while the songs Rise And Fall and So Divine speak of the supernatural and the loss of special friends. Songs like Flip Side and Life Is A River give a lyrical look at the dualities of life.Simplicity by Tesla marks the return to their home grown roots from one of America’s true rock and roll bands.

via Amazon.com: Simplicity: Music

A link to a Haiku I did about them some time ago: http://wp.me/p2kmxm-10r

Haiku – Tesla

California based

Been kicking around for years

There’s no quit in them

Of my Top Five Bands, this group ranks fourth, just after Iron Maiden and before The Dave Matthews Band.  I have been a huge fan of theirs since seeing them in the round with Def Leppard -cough, cough- back in the late eighties – I think it was 1988.  I have enjoyed their music ever since and please don’t put them in the Hair Metal crowd.  This band is more classic rock with a metal groove and they do stand out from the Hair Metal pack.  I have always referred to their music as Blues Metal – that’s jut me though.

Old School:

New School: