Haiku – Carolina Day 4

Crib gymnast sleeping

Cup of coffee to relax

Sunlight on my face

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Carolina Day 1

Blue skies and no clouds

A warm, bright, and beautiful

Carolina day

Carolina Day 2

Sun filled, light blue sky

Casual white clouds drifting

Lazy hammock day

Carolina Day 3

My shoulder, nap time

Son’s gentle breath in my ear

Secure, safe, and warm


Poem – Corona

Crack open your beer,

decorate it with lime.

Let the laid back mood take over,

for this is perfect time.

Cold and refreshing,

this beer in your hand.

Kicked back in the shade of a palm,

enjoying a Calypso Band.

The steel drums they echo,

they ring and they sing.

Losing just that little bit of edge,

life’s little sting.