Haiku – 8/15/2020

Under a dark sky

Taking a long winding stroll

Feet stepping lightly


Haiku – The “Night Coming On” Run

Breaking in new shoes

Tough stressful day behind me

Good walk/run cures all


Nice to get out this evening and clear the head.  Something about good tunes, comfortable shoes, sunset, exercise, and warm weather that really just makes it all better.  

How about you?  What do you do to let off some steam?  

Haiku – The “Happy Birthday To Me” Run

Cool breeze and blue sky

Hard 4.1 miles today

Equaling my age

I figured since I hit the number 41 today, that I would do a walk/run of that distance.  I am glad to say, I did.  Nice to be able to do that as the years drift on by.

Haiku – The Red and Orange Run

Falls leaves chasing me

Quick feet, a cool autumn day

Clouds scattered above

Another good walk/run today and another continuous mile.  Nice to be getting back to it.  I hope all runners and walkers are able to enjoy this nice weather.  Give me a like if you enjoy this time of year as much as me.