Haiku – 5/5/2022

Browsing phone pictures

Memories of winter days

Thankful now for spring


Haiku – 5/7/2021

A cool ghostly kiss

Cemetery lips on skin

Pressed to his forehead

Funny thing. This Haiku was inspired by something tickling my nose as I went to bed last night. I assume it was a piece of string or the bed sheet – but, who knows?

Dull tomato red

Piercing the new morning sky

Storm about to break

When I got out of bed this morning the sky looked amazing and it looked like it was about to burst with the most violent storm I had ever seen. Thankfully it didn’t, but it did inspire this Haiku.

Haiku – Strange Atmosphere

Weird winter weather

Cold chills replaced by warm air

In a single night


This has to be one of the stranger weather events in my life. Yesterday morning I was waking up to the upper twenties with sleet and freezing rain. This morning, I am waking up to 54 degrees and the possibility of a thunderstorm. Never seen anything like it. How about you? Do you have a strange weather story?

Haiku – Fresh Powder

Snowy frozen land

Blanket of white on the ground

Winter’s bitter cold

We finally got a decent amount of snow down here, which is the only part of winter I like.  We’ve had our chances, but it always seems to miss us.  I know people up North are probably sick of it by now, but if it has to be this cold, why not let it snow?  Anybody agree with that statement?